FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA – 07-31-2017) –Motivational Press today announced an agreement to publish Healthy Body Connection by Lee Bomzer, which offers readers an invitation to enjoy a better life and a brighter future, by unlocking the body’s natural connection to sustainable weight loss and optimal health. For release in Winter 2017.

Healthy Body Connection shares with readers how all aspects of well-being, including diet, sleep, movement, community, and stress, are intertwined. Recognizing that people are unique, and have different health needs, genetic strengths, and predispositions, this book shows people how to reclaim control over their bodies, their health, and their lives. It gives them the power to positively influence their own futures, as well as the futures of those they love.

While there are numerous health and weight loss books in circulation, no other book offers a more comprehensive approach.

Healthy Body Connection: Unlocking Your Body’s Natural Connection to Sustainable Weight Loss and Optimal Health clears up the doubt and confusion caused by the overabundance of conflicting health advice and information being circulated to the public through the news, television, and social media. The book gives readers conclusive answers to their questions about achieving peak health, avoiding chronic disease, losing weight, and dodging the illnesses that they may be genetically predisposed to. This book is unique because it guides people through lifestyle strategies, and gives them a customizable nutritional plan to help them achieve complete health in mind, body, and spirit.

Motivational Press is excited to work with Lee Bomzer to share with readers:

  • Solid, science-based facts and expert information
  • A complete three-stage nutritional plan
  • A guide to supplements
  • Over 100 delicious recipes designed to accommodate any level of cooking skill
  • Lifestyle strategies and tips for improving important aspects of health, such as sleep, exercise, and stress management


Kudos to Lee Bomzer for penning a remarkable and detailed book. Read it and you will be both informed and inspired to begin the journey to optimize your health and well-being, and living a life well-grounded and suffused with joy.”
Sanjiv Chopra MD
Bestselling author and sought after inspirational speaker.


“An adventurous exploration into Lee´s world and views on keeping a healthy relationship with our foods, the importance of good sleep and exercise, the avoidance of stress to hinder weight gain, inflammation and chronic illnesses.

Healthy Body Connection is full of practical information combined with references to the latest research within the field.

Wondering how to live your life in harmony, with balance between your inner and outer life? Read this book! – it gave me a really good gut feeling!”
Gunnar Rafn Jónsson, MD


About the Author: 

Lee Bomzer is a certified: Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Physique & Figure Training Specialist, and a member of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association. As an author and speaker, Lee continues to pursue her progressive education in the fields of nutrition, biology, endocrinology, psychology, and functional medicine.

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