Take a Quiet Moment

Allow yourself the pleasure of taking in the sunrise, or enjoying some of the beauty in the world.

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Get Yourself Some Rest

Things seem to come into perspective after a good night’s sleep, and being well-rested can give you the fortitude to handle difficult situations with more ease.

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Get in a Workout

Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you feel better. Additionally, exerting some energy can be a great way to work through and release some tension.

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Be Kind to Another

Somehow doing something nice for someone else always makes you feel good. So, surprise someone on their birthday with a cake, or shop for an elderly neighbor. You get the drift.

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Go on a Vacation

We all need a break once in a while, and sometimes a change in scenery is just the ticket.

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Work in the Garden

Being outside in the sunshine can lift your mood, and gardening gives you some time to think and enjoy the fresh air.


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Go out and Play

Everybody deserves a little down time. Make some time to go out and have some fun. Do what ever it is you enjoy!

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Happiness is a Hug

Nothing is more soothing than the warm embrace of someone that you love.

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Email me or tweet with your ideas for stress relief in 4 words using #my4words. Include a photo and your submission may be featured in a future post!