If you’ve been following my blog, you already know about the number of benefits you gain by adding strength training to your weekly exercise schedule.  If you would also like to look great in a tank top this summer, you’ll want to include the following upper body routine.

This routine focuses on your arms and shoulders. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, these exercises will help you have the arms and shoulders that you’ll be proud to show off this summer.

Here’s what you’ll need to participate: dumbbells, a chair or bench, water, and a towel.

Please remember to pick your weights carefully, and add a warm up & cool down with stretching to this routine. The same weights will not be appropriate for each exercise, and you will need to adjust up or down as you go.

You will find it helpful to write down how many reps you did for each exercise, and what weight you used. It will keep you on track for the next time. Also, as time goes by and you get stronger, you can increase your reps or the amount of weight you lift, to maximize your results.

We will be doing nine different exercises, in an alternating pattern of shoulders, triceps, and biceps. For lean, toned muscles you’ll want to do 12-15 reps per set. For muscle mass, you’ll want to do 8-10 reps per set. Do two sets of each exercise, resting for about 30 seconds between sets and for about 1 minute between exercises.  Be sure to exhale as you lift, and inhale as you release. Keep the movements slow and fluid as you exercise. Avoid jerky movements.

The first exercise is the Alternating Shoulder Press.

To avoid injury, and to achieve optimal results, make sure to rest the muscles used in these exercises for at least one day before doing another upper body routine. For more info on this topic, read 6 Great Tips to Improve your Workout Experience.

I hope you enjoyed this workout! Please contact me any time if you have questions, comments, or ideas you’d like to share.
I love hearing from you.

Until next time: be strong, be well, and have a great day!