Have you ever wondered why the results of a diet never seem to last, or why each time you go on another diet it seems even harder to lose weight then it was the last time? It’s not you, it’s just a proven fact that dieting doesn’t work. Let me explain why.

Calories in/calories out doesn’t work for the masses, because it can’t work. It can’t work, because simply reducing the amount of food you consume and spending more energy exercising doesn’t necessarily influence your body weight set point.”- Dr. Gerard E. Mullin, MD


Our bodies are biological wonders, which are internally regulated. Each of us has an inherent bodyweight set point. Think of it as something like a thermostat that controls your weight. Your body always naturally works to return to that setting/weight.

When we restrict our food intake and ignore hunger cues, continue to eat even though we feel full, or have lunch just because the clock on the wall says it’s lunch time, we are interfering with that biological thermostat.

Additionally, dieting is a sure-fire way to slow your metabolism, and yo-yo dieting could result in an even higher bodyweight set point. Due to biological mechanisms meant to defend against starvation, when you diet, your body will fight against your efforts to lose weight. To protect itself, the body will ramp up hunger signals and cravings, while conserving as much energy as possible. It will fiercely hang on to any calories taken in, making weight loss very difficult. This is known as the starvation response, and even if you succeed in losing weight, much of your weight-loss efforts will be in vain. As soon as you stop dieting, your body will respond by attempting to return to the weight set point, and you will begin to gain back the weight.

It won’t be your fault; it’s biology working against you. You can’t win this game, because nature has rigged it. One of the lasting effects of dieting is a slower metabolism. Your post-diet body will burn less daily calories now than it did before. On top of everything else, your bodyweight set point could be raised by the yo-yo effects of dieting. When it’s all over and done, you could easily end up weighing more than you did before you started!

In my new book Healthy Body Connection: Unlocking Your Body’s Natural Connection to Sustainable Weight Loss and Optimal Health I explain how to work with your body, instead of against it, to achieve lasting weight loss and maximum health.

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The best part is the entire plan is based on, and backed by, solid science and you’ll never be asked to go hungry or count calories!

My own family has been through unimaginable suffering and loss due to obesity and chronic disease. My experiences have left me passionate about wanting to help others. I want people to know that there is an alternative. I am committed to helping people find their own path to total health and a good life. That’s why I wrote this book.

The book includes many wonderful bonuses, too! There’s a guide to supplements, over 100 recipes, a suggested shopping list, and more.

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Let’s make 2018 the beginning of something wonderful together,

Lee Bomzer