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Keto, Carnivore, & Diabetes Resources

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I personally live a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle and I’ve created this blog for anyone looking for great, kitchen-tested, ketogenic, and/or carnivore recipes.

Zero Carb Zen: Welcoming Those Following any Variation of the Carnivore Diet

This is a non-fasting carnivore, Facebook group, with a wholistic approach to healing, health, and happiness. 

This is a Facebook support group for T2 diabetics who want to control and/or reverse their condition.

Reversing Diabetes Type 2 Recipe Group

Welcome! This is a recipe sharing Facebook group, and a sister group to the Reversing Diabetes Type 2 Support Group. We are here to share recipes, meal ideas, and cooking tips.

Welcome To Keto Country!

Get all your nutrition news and the most current in nutritional research science all in one place! Also, a safe place to ask questions, get answers, encourage others, and share recipes on your journey to health and happiness. This Facebook group supports the basic parameters of any Low Carb – High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle such as NSNG, Dairy Inclusive Paleo, Atkins, Banting, Zero Carb and Ketogenic Diets.

Eat Mostly Fats

Welcome, This group was created for Dr. Ali’s patients and people who are interested in making a lifestyle change. We wanted to have a way that we could let our patients watch Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Seminars in the event they would not be able to come. This group was also created with the intention to help motivate each other and give ideas and updates on changes we are making to ourselves.

An open forum Facebook group for the discussion of health and nutrition with a retired Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who has followed a low carb diet since 2011 and a Zero Carb diet since 2015. 

A Facebook page: Insulin IQ™ provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching for insulin control and better health through science-based education and outcome-driven coaching.

Facebook page by Board Certified Family Physician interested in real Health Care, Dr. Ken D Berry.

Facebook Page by Dr. Robert Cywes M.D PhD. Treating patients with obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome using a carbohydrate addiction approach. Converting patients from sugar burners to fat (keto) burners.

Many More Great Resources Coming Soon!

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